Part 3: Meet the Winners of our Lexus Start-up Competition

We chose ten winners: here's why we picked them.

When we called for entries for the Lexus Start-up Package, we had an inkling of how many good ideas existed within the Collective Hub community. It was when we closed entries and we, the Collective Hub and Lexus judging team, started wading through them that we realised just how engaged, dedicated and switched on the future entrepreneurs of this country are. It was a tough ask to narrow them down but we managed it – here are three of our choices, in no particular order.


It was founder Sarah Dean’s transferable genius that won us over – having worked in corporate project management for 14 years, she certainly knows her stuff and has applied it accordingly to this insightful new venture which assist small businesses by providing development education. Any new entrepreneur could certainly use Emineohub’s expertise, and that’s why we’ve backed her.

Bake Mixers

Resilience has to be one of our favourite tools in the entrepreneurial tool kit and entrant Genevieve Le Hunt has it in spades. Having saved her business once from the brink of closure, we thought her sizeable business brain deserved some extra backing. Already in talks with entrepreneur Lorna Jane about a possible involvement with her imminent hospitality chain, Bake Mixers, a business that creates organic, vegan-friendly baking mixes is already looking towards a scalable future and we wanted in.

Felicity Cooney

Going against the grain in a fast-paced industry, Felicity Cooney’s designs aren’t only adorably distinctive, they’re Australian-made and ethically produced – a huge reason she garnered our support for her growth. With a successful Etsy store already up and running, we think there’s no stopping her.

The Indigo Project

Founded by Mary Hoang, a qualified psychologist, this forward-thinking business explores how creativity can create stronger bonds in order to facilitate mental wellbeing. Already with serious traction, The Indigo Project is a mindfulness studio that encompasses everything from yoga to nap workshops and we see strong potential for growth. What we loved the most? That the focus goes beyond assisting with anxiety, stress and depression – it’s an attempt to help anyone find meaning and purpose.