Part 2: Meet the Winners of our Lexus Start-up Competition

We chose ten winners: here's why we picked them.

When we called for entries for the Lexus Start-up Package, we had an inkling of how many good ideas existed within the Collective Hub community. It was when we closed entries and we, the Collective Hub and Lexus judging team, started wading through them that we realised just how engaged, dedicated and switched on the future entrepreneurs of this country are. It was a tough ask to narrow them down but we managed it – here are three of our choices, in no particular order.


A classic solutions-based idea, WedShed speaks to anyone who’s ever had to plan a major event that’s a little left of centre. Along with the fact the business aims to solve one of the biggest pain points of any bride, we also loved how the founders Amy Parfett and Melany McBride (real moniker BTW) pride themselves on bringing money back into local communities – a healthy side effect of the sprawling reach of their side project. With an already impressive social following of 32,000 and major media coverage, we thought it was about time WedShed got even bigger.

The Rural Woman

We couldn’t help but be impressed by the ethos of The Rural Woman, which aims to support and empower women living in isolated areas of the country. The passion founder Rebel Black has for rural life is palpable and her visions for a thriving rural future were something we knew was worth supporting, especially when the business is grounded in real, quantifiable change: by 2041, The Rural Woman is expected to directly contribute to a 25% increase in rural population. Now that’s change we can believe in.

Mother + Joey

Focusing on strengthening the bond between mother and baby, we loved the local focus of this project, founded by Peta Purcell and Rowena Campbell. Producing matching clothes for mothers and their ‘joeys’, these Hunter Valley-based ladies have built their production chain within a two-hour radius of their own workshop, which we think takes an admirable amount of ingenuity and dedication their community.