VIDEO / The Jacky Winter Journey: From Bedroom Side Project to a Creative Agency of 100+ Artists

Turns out being a creative can also be a job.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-1-58-01-pm“The best business ideas come from problems you have to solve for yourself,” says Jeremy Wortsman, founder and director of The Jacky Winter Group. And this US-born former magazine art director would know – it was back in 2007 that his bedroom side project became what is now one of Australia’s front running creative agencies, which now has offices in both Melbourne and New York and boasts a crowd of over 100 artists who work on projects for publications like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Facebook.

Now managing in excess of 1000 creative commissions a year, from wall murals to traditional signwriting, Jeremy has been at the forefront of helping those who are artistically inclined and professionally challenged by matching them with people who need a good right brain on any given project.

But aside from getting yourself good creative representation, what else can artists do to boost the reach of their work and their profile?

“Have a self-initiated project that you’re working on”, he urges artists. “People are very sensitive about being marketed to and being advertised to and I think that doing something that really comes from the heart and from your own sense of exploration, that is very natural and people do receive that quite well.

“That has no limits in what you can do.”

If you’re ready to make like Jeremy, hear him and other inspiring entrepreneurs speak at our inspiring Kick. Start. Smart event in Melbourne on November 25th.

Jacky Winter KSS from Collective Hub on Vimeo.