Secrets of a CEO: it’s not Always About You

Along with our own goals, we must always have an eye on a prize for someone else, says Lisa Messenger.


If all you read in this article is this quote, it will probably be enough:

“If you have done well in whatever business you are in, it is your duty to send the elevator back down and try to help bring up the next generation of undiscovered talent.” Applause, Kevin Spacey. So much applause.

In a world of ambition, competition, selfishness and trampling on others to get to the top, this is one of the most powerful and refreshing sentiments of our time. First coined by Kevin’s mentor and great friend Jack Lemmon, this quote is the heartbeat of Kevin’s foundation that’s dedicated to discovering, training, funding and mentoring emerging artists in dance, music, drama and film.

Kevin goes on to say that his foundation is always looking for people inspired enough to help them keep their elevator moving – and in good working order – so they can take as many passengers up as possible.

If there was ever an outlook to embrace and champion as your own, I truly believe this is it. The Collective Hub journey has been nothing short of extraordinary for myself, let alone the rest of my team, the Collective Hub brand and our entire community generally. It has given me a public platform I didn’t plan, a personal ‘why’ to live out for the rest of my life and a zillion fabulous experiences I deeply cherish and still marvel at.

And as we keep rising (we’re only just passing through the first and second floors of the journey), I want to make sure others can also aim for the stars and reach them. This is the motivation behind a new start-up package available for 10 emerging entrepreneurs – the gift of brand exposure, practical support and strategic mentoring from myself – because, we want to see others rise. It’s the sort of package that can turn an idea into reality or make a small business a much bigger or more effective one.

Being an entrepreneur can be exhilarating, fun and rewarding, but it can also be tough, lonely and plagued with rejection. Getting a new brand out there can be downright hard, but I am testament to the fact that if you truly believe in what you are doing and are smart with what you have in your hand, you can succeed.

So why not increase what’s in your hand? If you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned one with a new idea, why don’t you share your story with us in a two-minute video for a chance to be one of the 10 recipients of The Start Up Package (in partnership with Lexus Australia), and perhaps we can help you take a crucial, next step forward. Entries close 11:59pm (AEST) on Sunday 4 December 2016 – full details here.