How to Do Business Behind the Wheel

Jumping in the car with a client or investor? Don’t let that one-on-one time go to waste.


Every entrepreneur has heard of the elevator pitch – the ability to sell your idea to a stranger in the brief time it takes to ride a lift a few floors. But what about fifteen minutes in the back of a car?

On-the-go entrepreneurs know that a car journey isn’t just a place to regroup and consider new ideas – it’s the time to seal deals, make decisions and, if you’re sharing it with a potential client or investor, to show them what your business is all about. Uber has already been trying this out around the globe with UberPITCH. Start-up wannabes order a special Uber and hop in the back with a potential investor, give their spiel and then get valuable, if sometimes brutal, feedback. (Collective Hub’s own Lisa Messenger was one of the judges when the competition came to Sydney).

In fact, the car is the perfect place to pitch a client or investor especially because, chances are, at some point in your career, you’ll find yourself sharing a ride with someone who could make or break your business. Whether you’re picking up a big client from the airport or jumping in a cab with a key investor, here’s how to make the most of the trip.

Bring your toys

Unless you’re driving Mr Bean’s Mini (which is probably not the best choice for impressing investors), don’t let the size of the space you’re in cramp your style. In fact, use the moving mini-boardroom to your advantage – you’ll have plenty of room to get your point across and, in fact, as it’s a much more intimate space, it allows for a better, deeper connection. Bring along something to show and tell, like product samples or prototypes, and let your travelling companion have a play.

Be a show off

Feel a bit lost without a PowerPoint presentation to back you up? Don’t panic, just pack a mini version. The car is the perfect place to hand your client an iPad and let them flip through some slides. You can talk them through it while they browse at their own pace. If you’re the driver, have it ready to go in the glove box. You could even queue up your latest TVC for added entertainment.