VIDEO: Why You Need to be Willing to Fail

Taking risks reaps rewards, says Atlassian's Dominic Price.


Creating an environment that supports independent thinking is where Atlassian and their head of research and development Dominic Price are industry leaders (who could disagree with the company’s US$4.4 billion valuation?). Dom had a standout observation when it comes to failure at our event, Kick. Start. Smart: consider the idea that there are two types of decisions, or in his case, doors: one way doors where stepping through means never being able to go back and two-way doors where you have the chance to check out what might be on the other side. Applying this law to your fear of failure when it comes to starting a business could be a game-changer – especially if you’re considering keeping your idea as a side project in the beginning.

“Don’t get worried about the five billionth customer,” Dom also urged. “Just start with the first.”

See what else Dom has to say about failure below.