Top 25 Emerging Talent: Marina Mellado Mendieta

We celebrate the current crop of leaders making waves, side-stepping the status quo and inspiring change.


Marina Mellado Mendieta is a 23-year-old industrial designer who has recently attracted attention for her lighting project, Luz (which translates to ‘light’ in English). Born from her own experiences during European winters where the lack of access to natural light affected her mood, the industrial and product design graduate from Madrid created an artistic solution.

Through a minimalist circular shape, Marina’s design incorporates two RGB LED lights and a micro-controller that reacts to weather conditions, so that the light is able to change its hue based on what’s happening outside.

Meanwhile, Marina has also caught the attention of mega-brands like Visa through the forms of wearable payment she has created, as well as becoming a Lexus Design Award winner in 2015 (see how her project came to life below) and working on service development for Jamie Oliver’s Food Hackathon.