Top 25 Emerging Talent: Brooke Goldfinch

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Offering a fresh eye in the film industry, Brooke, who won Sydney Film Festival’s Best Director of a Short Film in 2015, was a reporter for the ABC when she decided to study filmmaking. After winning a scholarship to New York University, Brooke studied under Spike Lee and has been recognised by Flickerfest, Austin Film Festival, Australian Writers’ Guild and the $50,000 Lexus Short Film Fellowship. She is working on her first feature film.

How did you get your start? I got my job as a journalist because I won a film competition at the end of my undergraduate degree. When that ended, I was offered a runner job in the Sydney newsroom and I worked my way up to become a reporter, while continuing
to make little films on the side.

You worked on Alien with Ridley Scott… Having the opportunity to work with one of my heroes, on one of the most iconic film series ever made, was amazing. I remember the first time I saw Alien as a little girl. My older brother was watching it on VHS and I hid in the kitchen to see Ellen Ripley kick ass. Ridley is so generous and funny, and it was really exciting to see how a large set functioned in a different but similar way to the small, low-budget shoots I’ve been on.